Roadmap for a Ruby Memcached TPC server

Hi, from what I’ve read this should be the correct place to ask this question, if not I apologize and I’ll remove it.

So here´s the thing, I’ve been assigned to use Ruby to implement a Memcached TCP server, the server must listen for new connections on any TCP ports and accept connections and commands from any Memcached client. I’m quite lost, but I’m trying to make a roadmap for myself, basically defining the necessary steps to achieve the end result.

From what I’ve seen, some people first make a regular TCP server and from that server they parse memcached commands to a memcached server through telnet or through a memcache client like this one: GitHub - mperham/memcache-client: Ruby library for accessing memcached. .

Here’s an example using python, this person first makes a tcp server and then it uses a library to add the memcached funcionality: How to write a memcached server in less than 50 lines of code | by Ron Reiter | Medium

Is this the right way? Should I first make a TCP server with Ruby and use it to parse commands to a local Memcached server?

Btw, I’m not allowe to use any gems besides rspec, so if I understand that correctly, that would mean memcached clients like Dalli woulnd’t be an option, right? Should I go with the telnet route then?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the newbie question.

Hello, could you solve this? I have the same challenge