Riley Robinson's Portfolio Project

My Review
This is my 3rd attempt since joining Codecademy at building at portfolio. I was more focused on functionality with this project and wanted to try a simple design. I admittedly did cheat with the contact me page and didn’t accomplish everything I initially set out to do but I do appreciate what I was able to achieve with this and will continue to fine tune it as I learn more.
The biggest difficulties for this project wad dedicating enough time to it at once, and CSS. I’m glad to say I got better at both of these aspects as the project continued to take shape.
*** My time estimates
If I go by commit dates it took me a month and a half to complete, but due to not being able to have long periods of time to sit and commit, I probably put a total of a week and a half worth’s of work?
I did have to cut a lot of ideas out, either because they didn’t work, or I honestly lost interest with the idea. I decided to leave the updates in as they are simply because it’s interesting looking back at my thoughts (typos and all)) and seeing how I should have approached things differently.
*** The link**
We hope you enjoyed this project!