Right hand side of instanceof is not an object

I was stucked in CSS Declaration.

In style.css, change the color of the heading to FireBrick.
Add another selector that changes the font-size of the paragraph to 18px.

and my code:
h1 {
color: FireBrick;

font-size: 26px;

the error :

can anybody help and tell me what is the error mean,please?

ps.my browser is safari 10.1

Well first off, you have 26, not 18…

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just for testing,I change 18 to 26.
But,the problem is still there,no matter the font-size is 18 or 26

Ok. Well first, I would have the font-size on 18 just because that is what the lesson asks for. Second, I would try passing the lesson on google and not safari. Now, in reality, it should not matter. But for whatever the reason, Google(specifically Chrome) has been the best for passing lessons that seem to get “stuck”. If that doesn’t work. We can try some more ideas.

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Thank you for your reply.
I had tried passing on Chrome,but still get stuck.
error sentence is the same:
“right hand side of instanceof is not an object.”
I really don’t understand what is that mean.

Yeah I am not sure either. Never saw that one when I was working through HTML CSS Part 1. Mind posting your HTML code as well? Might as well look at this problem from all angles possible. Also, another trick I have heard that has worked is if you play with your zoom and go to like 125% etc it might pass. Realize these are long shots but if its not a code error then its a bug that has quirky solutions.

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I Zoomed to 125% but still got stuck.

Here is my index.html code:


At this point, your html code looks great. The only things I have left to suggest is try changing up the numbers or units to pass and to make sure your doing these steps individually and not all at once. Sorry I haven’t been able to solve your problem. I realize this is a real pain. I hope you can solve it. I will ask some other people that I can to see what they think would work for you.

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