Revisiting lesson content

I am wondering if there is a way to revisit lesson content for lessons that I have previously completed.

It seems to me that if I try to do this I get the first introductory page and then it skips to the last page saying I have completed the lesson.

I would like to be able to revise the lesson content later, however, to reinforce what was learned.

I might be missing something obvious.


If you’re at the last page of the lesson, just go back to the beginning by selecting “back”.

Thanks for replying lisalisaj. I think you might be correct, that I can back-track through content (even in a different day) by selecting “back”. But it then seems to undo my progress.

I am fairly new to codecademy and trying to figure out my workflow / how to make best use of the site.

I was wanting to use the site a bit like an online textbook. Thinking, then, that at the start of a new days study I could quickly revise what I had done the previous day before getting into new content for the day. But it seems that that isn’t really how the site is intended to work?

I don’t want to start each day by undoing work I completed previously.

Maybe I should be copying down (for my own personal learning use only) the working examples provided by codecademy and making my own cheat sheets of the content as I go and then using my own notes for revision purposes?

I have ordered the recommended textbook on html and css but I haven’t viewed the contents of it yet so I don’t know what use it will be for me to help me internalise the content. I guess I was waiting for it to arrive before continuing on, but that is not a very good use of my time. Hrm…

Thank you for sharing your feedback on practicing content you have already completed. I will share your thoughts with the team!

Yes, that is a good idea. I always advocate for taking notes and writing code snippets for examples of concepts learned because if you can see things written in your own words it helps concepts stick better.

If you select the back button, it shouldn’t erase your code in previous lessons; you just have to rerun that code.

Thanks fede_hq. It is possible that I am being a derp and it actually is possible for me to do this. I am still feeling out my way around the site.

lisalisaj – Okay, I will try again with the back button… I had thought at one point using it wiped code I had previously entered – but I could be wrong.

It is pretty cool how the site is built in a browser… A code editor etc in a browser window. I was thinking the back button would take me back through my browser history… But it’s a simulation in a browser window so it works as part of the simulation…


The back button really does work!

Thanks lisalisaj – you were right!