Review my unique Personal Website at


Please review my personal website. Built it using React, TypeScript and Tailwind CSS. i also used AOS for some animations. Hope you enjoy the unique design.

Carlos Garcia


Kudos on completing the project! Very cool.

A few things:

  • I wouldn’t include your b-day. Age isn’t important for anyone to know.
  • I also wouldn’t include your phone number; just have a button for email if someone wants to contact you.
  • Don’t link to your social media accounts unless they’re business in nature. Why? For a couple reasons: there needs to be a separation between work life and outside work life. That, and no one (or a potential employer) needs to see vacation pics, and/or things of a more personal nature, etc.

Thanks Lisa for your feedback!

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Excellent! Loved the dark/light toggle.


Hey Carlos,

Congrats for your personal website!!! Your avatar is really a fun ideia!!

Also, I took a look at your projects and they are very interesting! Great aesthetic/fine design eye!

Good luck in your path!
If you have time to give me some feedback: Here's my portfolio! Never thought I would be so happy making a slide show using JavaScript!

The site has a modern and clean design, with a simple and easy-to-use navigation menu. The portfolio showcases the photographer’s skills with high-quality images, and the website is optimized for mobile viewing. However, I observe there is less written content such as a blog, and the individual project pages could benefit from additional context. but personally, I like your site design, it’s great.