Review Functions.. Help me out


Here is the error the translator is putting out ---

File "python", line 1
def Shut_down("yes")
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Here is my code ---

def Shut_down("yes")
return S

if s == "yes":
return "shutting down"

elif s == "no":
return "shutdown aborted"

return "sorry"


Be case-sensitive with writing your code. The instruction says "shut_down" as name of function and not "Shut_down". Please check all through.

Don't forget your colon ( : ) after the function.

Also, the argument for the function is s and not "yes".

No need for this, below.

Be case-sensitive with your return statements. It's

return "Shutting down"

return "Shutdown aborted"

return "Sorry"

Finally, ensure your indentation is right by hitting the enter key on your keyboard after a colon ( : ) where necessary. :slight_smile:


Also, the parameter should be a variable, not a string literal.


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