Review for US Medical Insurance project

Here is my take on the insurance records project. I’m still pretty new to all this, so I am a bit confused about the complete objected of the project. I ended up making a class that handles the file and creates methods that can be called to manipulate the data dictionary with one line of code. I was mainly thinking what I would like to see if I was creating a program to view the data from any angle. Let me know what you think, or what you might have done differently.

Congrats on completing the project. Function writing is solid and I like the granularity of the analysis. The functions allow you to pull out a number of specific insights. I just have a few suggestions:

  • Rather than the mean of the charges, look at the median. There are outliers in the data that pull the mean.
  • I like the use of comments in the code that tells the reader what you’re doing/extracting from the code. Perhaps add a sentence or two at the beginning for an intro of what the data is and what your aims are. You could also add a conclusion about your findings and further research ideas.