Review: Built In Functions(I need help)

def distance_from_zero(go):
  if type(go) == int or type(go) == float:
     return abs(go)
    return "Nope"

i wrote the same code it want me to run .
However, i want to test if it will return for me the absolute value of the arguments and i am stuck i couldn’t let it print anything on the console.
Any suggestions?


for a function to execute, the function needs to be called. To test your function, add some function calls and provide a suitable argument


you are right
I forgot :slight_smile:


so, all good now? Now you remember, you can figure out how to test your function? Then you did most of the work, nicely done :slight_smile: i just gave a notch in the right direction


haha thank you i have been working for four hours maybe that why i forgot about it…


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