Review: Built-In Function, distance_from_zero is not defined


I feel like I've done everything right, there is probably some simple mistake that i'm making. Whenever I submit my code it says,
"It looks like you have a NameError. Maybe you forgot to create a function called distance_from_zero? Check the error message for more info! - global name 'distance_from_zero' is not defined."
Help is greatly appreciated!

def distance_from_zero(13):
    if type(13)==int or type(13)==float: 
        return abs(13):
        return "Nope"


Hello !

return abs(13): < do you need a colon at the end here?



def distance_from_zero(13):

function parameters can't be integers, they need to be a valid variable name


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Thanks so much! It has been awhile since I completed the earlier sections, that slipped my mind but makes total sense now.