Reversing a string

Even though this question is faily simple, to is boogling my mind:
isn’t range(len(word)-1, -1, -1) the same as range( -1,len(word),-1)
however the module says that it isn’t the same! Why is that? isn’t the index -1 and len(x)-1 gives the same index

Perhaps I misunderstand your query but strings and indexing aren’t really used here (you only query the length). With 3 arguments range is effectively (start, stop, step). Have a look at the values you have for the first parameter or start for example.
When would len(word) - 1 be the same as -1?

Worth checking the docs for the way range works-

Thank U for ur reply! I just realized that they are indeed the same index wise but I didnt know that loops couldnt recognize indices vs int!