i wrote the code outside a function and it worked but gave me an error asking where the function was. So i turned it into a function and it says it doesn't work...

#def reverse(text):
text = raw_input(' Enter a string: ')
text_reversed = []
i = len(text) - 1
while i >= 0:
    i -= 1
makeitstring = "".join(map(str, text_reversed))
print makeitstring.


Please include a link to the exercise. Thanks.


map is not needed here. text_reversed is already a list. Note that the list is of strings.

def reverse(x):
    text = []
    n = len(x)
    while n > 0:
        n -= 1
    return ''.join(text)

print reverse('Python!')    # !nohtyP


Link added. I appreciate it.


Thanks but i have a follow up question.

Wouldn't you want

n = len(x) - 1 (n = len(x) would skip last character)


the loop to go from until n >= 0 (n > 0 would skip first character)

since the the index starts at 0?


If you examine my code I subtract 1 from n before referencing that index. As we can see from the result, it works as expected. No characters are skipped. We do indeed reach index 0.


I see. Thanks for your help!


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