Reverse, instructions are lacking


It works correctly

It took me two days of researching to figure this out by myself with only using the methods and functions showed to us in previous exercises. True, I learned a lot. However, I think improvements can be made on the instructions. Definitely, more guidance, tips, and references to previous exercises are needed.

def reverse(x):
	a = []
	for s in x:
	length = len(a)
	act_length = length - 1
	half_length = length / 2
	for f in range(0, half_length):	
		end_a = a[act_length]
		a[act_length] = a[f]
		a[f]= end_a
		act_length -= 1
	return ''.join(a)


To me this looks much more complicated than it has to be.
The way I did it was first think "how can I iterate through a string in reverse, pick up each element and put them in one variable, so I can finally .join the variable. This was my solution:

def reverse(text):
result = []
n = len(text)
while n > 0:
result += text[n-1]
n -= 1
return ''.join(result)

ps. I can't get this stuff to indent :frowning: