Reverse cheat


def reverse(text):
cheat = list(text)
return "".join(cheat[::len(text) - len(text) -1] )

I found a way to cheat the rules! """You may not use reversed or [::-1] to help you with this."""


i think there are easier solutions to come up with then your "cheat", don't you think?


there's many pythonic ways to do it , but this is really the same as [::-1]


Hi @pyplayer12737,

Considering that the aim of the exercise is for you to learn something, and considering that in performing the exercise, you came up with a working solution, what you submitted does not constitute cheating.

Yes, this does involve some trickery, but it is creative trickery ...

len(text) - len(text) -1

You deserved and earned the point. :smile:


Hi @appylpye

I just wanted to fix the bug if it is bug :smile:


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