Reverse Assignment


I am wondering why this code wouldn’t work for reversing the text.
def reverse(text):
leng = len(text) - 1
char = []
while leng >= 0:
leng -= 1
print .join(char)

Edit: I just realized I should be returning the value.


Those two lines can be replaced with a return statement. Remember the separator string on join.

return "".join(char)


Thank-you. I am guessing the else is redundant right?


We could say that, yes. It is not needed because there is no alternate action to the loop. Using else in a while adds more control.

n = 0
while n < 1:
    n = random.random() + 0.1
    if n < 0.2: 
        print (n, 'break')
    print (n, "Yup")
    print (n, "Nope")

print ('Done')
0.1399662619565696 break

0.9603827945569794 Yup
0.2685997075270028 Yup
1.0645272307275004 Yup
1.0645272307275004 Nope


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