Reverse a string code not working


For some reason my solution to the problem isn’t accepted, but my code works in terminal on my mac. Am i doing something wrong?

def reverse(text):
  new_text = []
  for index, char in enumerate(text):
    new_text.append(text[(len(text) - 1) - index])
    return "".join(new_text)


That line (the return statement) should not be indented so much. That makes it part of the loop block.


Thank you. Im still not used to indenting.


One habit to form that will help prevent the above error is to write the block with the return, first, then fill in the missing bits.

def reverse(test):

    return # expression

Now complete the function and fill in the expression to be returned. Note that above I used four spaces for indent. You can use two if you prefer.