Reversal of number using java script...i am stuck please help.. i am a beginner

function reverse(num){
let rev_num=0;
rev_num= rev_num*10+num%10;
return rev_num;
i am getting out put as 324.23
but the actual out put should be 321.


There are a few ways to tackle this, such as converting to a string and reversing. Sticking with the approach you are taking, you could change the while loop condition to num > 0, and you’d also need to floor the division inside the loop with Math.floor(num / 10)

The completed code:

function reverse(num) {
  let rev_num = 0;
  while(num > 0) {
    rev_num = rev_num * 10 + num % 10;
    num = Math.floor(num / 10);
  return rev_num;

Keep in mind, your approach would ignore 0s at the end of a number, which may be what you’re after based on your original code.
For example: document.write(reverse(123000)); would still produce 321

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thank u that solved my issue :innocent: