Reveiw Functions


I need help with review functions 17! Please help here is my code. Please reply soon!! Comments welcome.

def shut_down(s):
m = s == "yes"
if shut_down
return "shutting down"
elif s = "no"
return "Shutdown aborted"
if shut_down
return "Sorry"



Tried that and it came out as a fail.


Take a snapshot of the entire lesson so I see what the lesson wants.


This is the lesson and instructions.

        Review: Functions

        Okay! Let's review functions.

def speak(message):
return message

if happy():
speak("I'm happy!")
elif sad():
speak("I'm sad.")
speak("I don't know what I'm feeling.")

Again, the example code above is just there for your reference!

        First, def a function, shut_down, that takes one argument s. Don't forget the parentheses or the colon!Then, if the shut_down function receives an s equal to "yes", it should return "Shutting down"Alternatively, elif s is equal to "no", then the function should return "Shutdown aborted".Finally, if shut_down gets anything other than those inputs, the function should return "Sorry"


Those if/else go inside your shut_down method:

  • If the message param is Yes, return "Shutting down".
  • If the message param is No, return "Shutting aborted".
  • Any other case, return "Sorry".

And you print the result of that method call.

Ok, so where did I got wrong with shut_down?

I'm guessing you have figured this out by now, but I'll throw it out anyways.

Your code is nearly there, just a few things to change out.

Compare to the following and adjust, you will see the differences. Remember the indents need to be there.

def shut_down(s):
if s == "yes":
return ("Shutting down")
elif s == "no":
return ("Shutdown aborted")
return ("Sorry")


its not working.. can somebody help me with the solution ?


have you got solution so reply it


The code is alright. the only error is in the indentation. all you have to do is to give an indentation block under the def function!

P.S: Python is indentation concerned language, remember! :smiley: