Returns true but fails?

This returns true but fails?

statement_one = (2 - 1 > 3) or (-5 * 2 == -10)

statement_two = (9 + 5 <= 15) or (7 != 4 + 3)

def graduation_mailer(gpa, credits):
    return credits >= 120 and gpa >= 2.0

print(graduation_mailer(2.0, 120))

It is not the intention of the lesson to have the computer evaluate those expressions. We are expected to read the expressions and reason out the logic in our head, or on a piece of paper. The expected response in both lines is either True or False, literally.

There is no request for printing in the instructions. The SCT examines our results in the first two cases, and runs our function on various inputs to see if the returns are correct.

It originally did not include print. I added that to verify the results are correct.

Printing intermediate results is fine, but it can cause a fail if it is not asked for. Be sure to remove the print statements, and correct the first two lines.