Returns java

I got stuck at the questions 2 here :
Been looking for hours, driving me crazy.

I get this error message :

error: constructor Store in class Store cannot be applied to given types;
Store store = new Store(“Lemonade”, 1);
required: String,double,double
found: String,int
reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length

Here is the code i wrote. Eclipse sees no mistake but it won´t work on codecademy. Wtf?

public class Store {
// instance fields
String productType;
double price;
double tax;
// constructor method
public Store(String product, double initialPrice, double tax) {
productType = product;
price = initialPrice; = tax;

  // increase price method
  public void increasePrice(double priceToAdd){
    double newPrice = price + priceToAdd;
    price = newPrice;
  // get price with tax method
public double getPriceWithTax(double totalPrice){
  totalPrice= price + price*tax;
  return totalPrice;
  // main method
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    Store lemonadeStand = new Store("Lemonade", 3.75, 0.08);


Please guys, i m begging for help!

Did you get this sorted in the end?