Returning to Learning Code after a Break

I just got married which I’m very excited and happy about. But the wedding planning really took over my life this summer. Up until June I was on a really good pace in my Data Science Machine Learning tract.

But I did drop the ball on keeping up. Now that I’m past the wedding/honeymoon craziness I’m returning to where I was. The only thing is I would say that I’m just not remembering some of the things that I should probably be good at this point in the course.

Anyone have any advice or something similar? Should I just pick up where I left off? Should I go back to the beginning?

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First off congrats on the marriage! I hope you and your spouse have a very loving and lasting marriage.

Secondly, in relation to your question, I would suggest reviewing past material. If you’re hazy on the content, and if you’re unsure if you remember it correctly then going back over it would definitely solidify your knowledge and help you feel even more confident moving forward.

I’ve been in your situation before and benefited from going back over the content I previously learned. The best part is that I got through it nearly twice as fast, and I left with an even firmer grasp on the material