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Hello, I am a returning user of code academy. I had made some progress about a year ago, starting with the html and css sections of the course. I had completed at east 50 exercises according to my badge and notes. When I returned after about a year, it seems there has been some updates and changes which is great; However, all of my progress is gone and the course is trying to start me all the way back to square one. I understand there have probably been some updates to the courses but because of this am I required to start all the way over from the beginning? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to get back into the habit of learning from the awesome content you guys provide. Thank You

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Hi @calebarnett,

Due to how those tracks are revised and structured, there is no method to combine your previous progress with the current ones, because essentially all of them are different courses, different tracks using different urls and the content of the lessons varied. If you feel confident with your current knowledge of HTML and CSS, the only way not learning all the way from the beginning is to skip doing the new HTML and CSS track and go to the next choice of your pick. This not only happen to you but all users in the CC platform, even the veterans need to complete those new tracks as the old ones being retired, there’s no way to get around this. Hope you understand.

Just a personal opinion, there’s no harm to revisit and refresh the knowledge you had, I’m sure if you have that in mind, you will be sprinting through the new HTML and CSS tracks in no time. See what they have to offer. Have fun coding.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply. Makes perfect sense, just wanted to make sure mine was not an anomaly situation! Thank you guys


@calebarnett, rest assured you’re not alone in this. :wink: Me too still have lots of new tracks queuing up for completion while finishing the old ones. Gotta love Codecademy’s new contents lately, it’s great they put effort in keeping the curriculum relevant and updated.

That said, Happy Coding!

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