Returning learner - ALL courses and progress gone! Even my username and pfp is GONE!

So I decided to login in here after 2-3 years and continue where I left + have a refresher, see how many of them I’ve competed, etc. … but to my shock everything in my account is gone!
I’ve been asked to re-verify my email, even though I was able to login with the same email and password combination. My username has now been replaced by some generic number combination. My profile picture is missing too! :expressionless:
Then I went to my dashboard to check on my courses, and it’s telling me that I haven’t enrolled in a single course! I’ve spent SO much of my time on here and finished most of the free courses. It used to be great! Just why. And now most of it is PRO?? I understand the need to update the site and service but I don’t see why it should come at the cost of completely destroying all of a learner’s progress. This is extremely demoralizing, when you invest years of your time in a site only to have it all gone!
It feels like a hard slap across the face.
I want my profile to be restored, or I will have to delete my account. This is just sad. :frowning: :frowning:

Hey digital7868653643! This is very sad indeed! I feel you.

This luckily didn’t happen to me, have you tried to get in touch with the customer support?

I wish you the best of luck to recover your progress!