Return to Home button between lessons

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if I am the only one who gets annoyed with not having a home button after I finished my lesson. Every time I finish my lesson, and I want to return to the homepage, I have to type, while I would just like to have a home button somewhere in my screen. It’s really not a big deal but it’s just a tiny thing that bothers me…

Top left button which says Codecademy. Press on that, brings you right back to “home”.

Hi, Jannes I mean on this screen, the codecademy button has disappeared on these screens…

Check, well I start the next lesson and then press the home button :wink: . This an overlay btw.

@frankschuringa I hear ya, it annoys me too. That break between lessons is the exact time you’d like to go back to home and “see where you’re at,” but you have to do what @janneslohmeijer suggested and start the next lesson before you can go back.

It’s a minor inconvenience, but I have trouble not starting the next lesson when the text is thrown right up in front of me, even if I want to stop. :yawning_face: