Retake Not Finished Pro Intensive Build Website Course

I would like to restart my Pro Intensive Building A Website from Scratch. I have passed the time needed for my projects to be reviewed. I would like to pay another fee of 199.00 and retake the program from the beginning. The system will not allow me to do this. It prompts me to continue with the program that I have already elapsed passed the time needed to finish. Please let me know what I need to do? Or hoe to just cancel the course from my cue. So that I can pay and sign up for a new one . Thank you.

Hi @jorgegranda,

I think in this situation, it would be best to contact the support team with your description in details:

They’d be able to provide a better solution for this matter. As I haven’t taken the Pro Intensive, I’m unsure whether you’re able to Reset the exercise to redo it. If you’re able to, then you could save paying for it again and use the money on other Pro Intensive courses. Just my suggestion. :slight_smile:

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