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Hello! I’m currently enrolled in the front end developer course and I’m finding that I can get through the lessons pretty easily and quickly. But when I’m faced with having to remember topics from past lessons its like I never took them! I’m hoping you all could share some tips and tricks for retaining the information that I’ve learned. Thanks for the help!


Hello @corienana ,

I find it helpful to take notes so I can reference them later.

Here’s some note-taking strategies from other learners.


Hello and welcome to the forums!

I would echo what @coffeencake said, and also add that the best thing I find for remembering concepts and code is just constant practise. As I’d done a lot of other coding before I found Javascript relatively easy but I always struggled a lot with CSS and remembering what properties do which. The way I learned was just constantly designing new pages. I’ve had to style around 50 different pages for my personal website I’m currently revamping, and also doing all the different CSS projects you just eventually remember it from repeating it so much!

As part of the notes also, one specific aspect I find really helpful is liberally using the comments on personal projects. In work projects you need to be more professional, but in personal projects there’s nothing wrong with writing big comments to explain sections of code and help you remember.
One thing I always try to do is when I use Stack Overflow or something like that for code help (whether I’ve asked the question or not) is include a link to the solution in my code comments. Something I found happening often was myself getting confused by code that was in there, only to realise it was copy and pasted from a solution someone gave on a forum and I never really took the time to understand it. So I sit and try to understand it, but also keep a note of the link so I can return easily and know why I used a specific bit of code.

I hope all that can help you out!


Thank you for the tips! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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