Restoring workspace


Hi, so this is kinda my first time posting here, and I've only been learning code for a couple of days, but I've run into an issue.
I messed up the code in one of the lessons, and it won't let me restore? It just keeps saying "Restoring Workspace" but nothing happens? I don't know what to do, help!



I have exactly the same problem. I click the button and it keeps spinning at the top saying restoring workspace but nothing happens at all. I think it is a bug, hopefully someone will come and fix it soon.


Same here! Can someone please fix this. Couldn't code anything for the past two days :confused:


I got the same problem, can't do anything now. Someone please help!


Hi Everyone,

In these forums we can help with a lot of questions, things like "My code is giving me an error, please explain why.". For questions like you have here, problems with the mechanics of the site, you can bring those to the attention of the Codecademy engineers by using the in-exercise bug reporting tool.


Try reporting a bug! Hopefully it will drag their attention!


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