Restart course button


Sometimes, it is difficult to get past a certain course, especially JavaScript. Maybe try to simplify directions, because they can sometimes be confusing. I don't understand JavaScript, and even if I watch tutorials on it, I still get stuck. Please Help! The main thing, is that the directions are hard to follow.

I am a 20 year old sophomore in college, and I'm just doing this for fun, but it is still frustrating when I can't seem to get past a certain part of a course.


Unfortunately JavaScript doesn't have a full course reset button only a reset code button which will remove all code you've entered for that exercise. JavaScript is tricky I had to do it a few times before I knew what I was doing but you'll get the hang of it :slightly_smiling:


Okay, thank you very much. Thank you for the encouragement! I have a website that I want to improve, but I need to brush up on my JavaScript and Database skills. I mastered HTML and CSS. I guess I could start over and just mess around with JavaScript. I think my main problem, is I'm not applying the Code from CodeCademy into my website. I learn well, by applying knowledge. :slightly_smiling: Thanks again, man.