Responsive Club website

I have finally decided to step out of my comfort zone to work outside of code academy (for an CA assignment/project) and also to share a project with others.

Please review and suggest creative areas for improvement to help me improve my website design.


Not about design, but practical advices:

  1. Make link from email. See mailto: example from HTML a href Attribute
  2. You did not include images in git repo, so I can not see page as you see it. Ensure that you ran git add images/ and then git commit, git push in your project folder.
  3. Avoid use whitespaces in filenames. It is not critical, advice only. Replace whitespaces with underscores _ for example. So wooden bobbins.jpg will be wooden_bobbins.jpg

Good work!

PS Sorry for my English)

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Thank you for the feed back and I will complete these steps on Monday:)
and it was easy to follow your English.