Responsive Club Website

Finally get my Club Website done! Here’s the link: Campers Club . Feel free to give me a constuctive feedback! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great website. I like how they made and the color are fantastic. I think the section where “About Us” and “Join Us!” need to adjust the text-size because there have to much space or you can add some hover effect on that part.

Thanks for the feedback!

Great job, with a really nice color palette ! I think that some of your buttons specially in your Cards have an rgba value, they are a little bit transparent. On your mobile viewport your text : " You’d like to share your passion for camping with other campers?" is not really readable probably because of the contrast ratio, it would be nice to add an overlay of your accent color on your hero image. And also some button hover effect would make your website even better I believe ! Great use of the smooth scroll by the way !

Thanks for the advice!

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