Responsive Club Website (CSS)

This is my version of my responsive club web site, struggling to make it visible in a mobile phone.
live version: CodePen - test-grid
code version: GitHub - fretagi/projects-codecademy-club

please rate my work, to help me improve!

Check out my proyect


hi @fretagi,

loved the way you used the grid.

I would improve it by using media queries that allow me to see the content properly in smaller screens.

hi @molla114,

I would really like to see the live version, there are lots of ways to share it. personally, I like GitHub Pages.

Thanks for the feedbak. Using media queries is one the areas I am really struggling in this project, I could not find the best option, unless I am not setting it up correctly. some of the smaller boxes would not stack on top of each other when squeezin the page…

Hello all,
First time posting a project here. Any feedback welcome as I’m still figuring things out.