Responsive Club Website (CSS)


I finally finished this project:

I am struggling to figure out how to share a live link…

In the class section of the site, I was trying to figure out how to use up the white space when resizing but didn’t manage too, if you know a trick let me know.

Hey! Great project! Love the subject :shallow_pan_of_food:
Just one small tip, on CSS responsiveness:
-the logo and the button “Join us” in the header,
in some mobile version (e.g. for screen 375× 667) are not vertically centered,
in other (e.g. for screen 344 × 882 ) are in one column and left-aligned. Maybe to keep the consistency you could choose a way the header should look and stick to it. :wink:
Anyway, again, great work, with the UI colors, fonts and images in line with the project idea!

Thank you!! I’ll take a look at the header, I’m definitely struggling with the responsive aspect :sweat_smile:.

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Hi this is my project for this challenge
any comment would be very helpful
Thank you

this is website : SummerGarden Club
this is code : GitHub - summerlazy/LocalGarden: Challenge project(media Quarry)- local_garden

I chose to create a page for a particular section of my own athletics club. Constructive criticism welcome!

Take a look at the site here.
Find a link to the code on GitHub here.

Hi everyone, this is my solution Tranquil Woods I used Grid instead of media queries, hope you like it,

Hello everyone, this my completed tennis club website, I would love to hear your thoughts on it! :slight_smile:

This is a very nice website; I like how well-structured it is!

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This is website is really cool, good job!

Hi everyone!

I just completed this project and I would love your feedback, here or on GitHub! Thank you for taking a look at my work. :rainbow: