Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Hi all!

Here my solution to the challenge: Responsive Club Website
Aquatics Diving Club ( This was a real club. It existed from 2000 to 2015)
GitHub repository
Live Page

Thanks for the feedback!


Very beautiful! This website is responsive and flexible. :sparkling_heart:


This is my club website: Barcelona Zen Club
My code: GitHub - madelinepdx/barcelona-zen-club: Codecademy Challenge Project: Making a Website Responsive

Love feedback.

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This is my work on the project - A Book Club Website

The code: GitHub - Alabi-Elizabeth/Responsive_Book_Club
The website can be seen here: Reading Club

Please let me know what you think


Here’s my effort. Very basic compared to many others and still with a couple of issues I couldn’t resolve.

  1. Ensuring pictures stay in the middle (horizontally) when page is shrunk
  2. Moving the quote to the middle (vertically) of the green banner

The Code: Github - Sailing webpage
The Webpage: Sailing Club - Fictional

Let me know what you think and suggestions for resolving the above (or anything else!)

Thanks :slight_smile:

hey! here is my club webpage. Any constructive criticism would be awesome!

Live site: Book Club Webpage

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this is my Responsive Club exercise with a photo club, don’t hesitate to give feedback, they are welcome

Live : Responsive Club Website
Git : GitHub - arelixdev/flexclubphoto



Hey Guys,

Here is my attempt of a new group website splash page

(another made up one with inspiration from nature watch community website)

here is the code: GitHub - Debbiekn/Eye-Spy

here is the live website : Wildlife Spies

All feed back welcome, if any one wants to share with me I’m happy to give feed back to.

Thank you. :grin:


This is my first try out with responsive flexbox.

Any tips, on how i could make this better is welcome <3

thank you :slight_smile:

Website : Project 7 : Responsive-Club

Github : GitHub - Zadowolony/Responsive-Club-CodeAcademy

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Hey everyone!

Here is the live website of my project: Club Page

And here is the code

For this one I used some scroll animations and for the first time included a Spline 3D scene in a web project!

On the code side of things i used a lot of media queries for responsiveness, maybe too many. It was worth it in the end though because I could realize the design I planned for the page fairly accurately. I ought to get better at using flexbox for images and cards so the resizing of the page happens more automatically. Still, I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Any comments or feedback are welcome!



I like it very much. Dont have nothing to say, yes it could be maybe better but im not an ux designer, but for this challange. It is well done!

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Wow this looks so cool! I love the lemon floating in the background of the header it looks awesome and the coloring of the page is really pleasing. In addition the smaller screen size looks great, nice job with the responsiveness of this one! It’s really great.

(The only small thing is that on the tablet layout your footer breaks a little, it’s too long for the viewing screen, if you wanted to update the tablet media query too include the footer so that it gets smaller around max-width 1135px instead of only on the mobile max-width 790px that should fix it!) Overall great job though everything else looks awsome!

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website: VC Enterprise Portfolio
code: GitHub - Youssif51/project1

Did a virtual pet club inspired page!! I feel like it looks so dated but that’s the point. It’s like modern retro lol

(Not looking for critcisms or changes at this time. Thank you for understanding!)

Live Website



Hey All,

Finished up my dungeon and dragons club site. You can find the code here. View the live code here.



You site looks awesome! It is great to see you expand upon your learning to add new features that may be outside of your comfort zone, but that is how we learn! Good job.


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Ok, here is a club website called CodingBuddies, for people meeting to learn to code together :slight_smile:
I tried to focus mainly on getting the responsiveness right using em and a media query.

Look at the Live Website here.

Find the Github repository here.

I’d like to know if I missed anything or if there’s anything I could improve.


love the aesthetic :100:

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Thanks! I like it too :slight_smile:

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Hello, here is my attempt at the project, please give me feedback