Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Hello! Even though you mentioned it’s not very responsive, I think it looks pretty good!

I challenge you to explore semantic HTML though with your HTML files. There’s a lot of <div>'s that could’ve been replaced with sections or articles.

Good luck on your future projects!

Hello Everyone. Here is My solution to the Responsive Club Website Challenge. I will be grateful for your feedback and support. Happy Coding to everyone!

Could you host your solution in a Codecademy workspace, or GitHub? I’m afraid I’m unable to view your code.

This is a link to GitHub Repo.

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: ! I’ll definitely explore some more with semantic HTML

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Here is my project: GitHub - 11kotes11/Arctic-Endeavors-Club

Hey there, hello everyone!

I’m sharing what I did for this Club Website exercise, here’s the link to the website:

Club Website

And here are the two code files:



Please feel free to leave feedback! :smiley:

A question I have, is, when I open the page in my iPhone 11, it doesn’t look as responsive like I see it when I resize the browser, is there a specific media query I need for devices?

Thanks everyone!

Hello, already done the task:

Note really club, but my own resume at the moment.

I would work a little more on responsiveness. I found a few areas that break at certain widths.

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Finished my website, I would really love some feedback and more importantly, help on the below:

Code: GitHub - MichelleChijeche/responsivedesignproject

live website: Netball

  1. How to make my main content (4 images and text align in the centre rather than to the left when my screen is smaller- media query)
  2. On my 4 images in main body, how do I get my text in the grey background stick to the top of the image covering the whole width of the image, rather than where it is now. Which is somewhat in the middle of the images.
  3. Is there a way to make my title align more to the left so the navigation is more to right.


Thank you so so much! I’m very new to this


Hello World, It’s me again. I was wondering if I could get a code review? I am new to this and would appriciate any feedback so that I may get better. Thank You!

It is not perfect but getting the hang of responsive design more.


For alignment fixes I would look into flexbox. It’s a simpler way to align items and I think you’ll find a lot of your issues will be solved.

A good resource to practice flexbox is Flexbox Froggy.

I like the website though!

This is my solution for the project. I couldn’t really think of a club so built it around my friends fishing business.

code: tommygee63/first-catch (

site: First Catch (

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Hi, this is my example page!

Repository: Repository

Live version: Music Club (


I tried to make it as much responsive as possible, however, I know this project still needs lots of work :slight_smile:

Repository with project
Live page

Thank you!

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Hi all!

Here my solution to the challenge: Responsive Club Website

GitHub repository

Thanks for the feedback!



I used this sizes as guide

I hope it works for you :slight_smile:

  1. When signing up for the newsletter at the bottom, it uses black text, which is extremely hard to see on the gray background.
  2. The hover effect on each “Articles and News” item is a pretty violent transition on a desktop. Perhaps a stronger opacity would lighten that blow. It’s just a big, abrupt change, going from an almost white screen to a dark screen.

Other than these 2 items, it’s a very impressive website. Looks like something I’d see in production!

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thnks!! I’ll take a look! :raised_hands:t3:

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