Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Here is my website. Im too lazy to make two different website so I just did one responsive company homepage.

Code source: GitHub - sharkgal/Company-homepage
link: SINO-SCI

Hi All,

Here id my code for a Responsive Club Website.

I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has. Thank you for your time.


Here’s mine, took around 18 hours in the end but a lot of that was playing around with CSS Grid and tweaking the layout across different viewport widths. Getting the header looking how I wanted also took far longer than I’d like to admit :sweat_smile:

GitHub: GitHub - Cmastris/club-homepage: A Codecademy HTML & CSS independent practice project (design, build, and style a responsive club homepage).
Live site: Hilltop Hikers | Homepage

Here is my take on the responsive club website project.



Hi all,

This responsive club website project that I make: