Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Hi Robert

Thanks for your comments!

Yours looks great too! It has a really cool design and the resizing works very well.

I saw other people using classes for things… I used IDs for the different sections in my selectors.
Classes are probably better since you can make things modular and reuse what was written easier in bigger projects.
If anyone has feedback on what I did with my CSS, I’ll take it. :sweat_smile:

Responsive-ness was the main goal and this is definitely the most responsive site I’ve made so far. :smiley:

Stargazer’s Club Site
The Code

Hello everyone. So, here’s my newest project according to Flex and Media queries already.




So please, help me with some advices and improvements, I’ll be more than happy to know that :slight_smile: thank you everyone!

P.D.: I am just starting my Javascript rollercoaster road! wish me luck!

Beautiful site. Well done. Everything is just so pleasant to look at.

Only suggestion I have is in mobile size the menu is a check box. For me, that isn’t understood to click. I find the hamburger or 3 horizontal lines are easier to understand to expand the menu. That’s just my preference.

Great Job!

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Yes! totally agreed! I will fix that in a later project! thank you so much though!

Hiya, just finish this crazy challenge!!! I have to say I dont love responsive layout just yet!!! And flexbox is still not my best friend, either. However, I made a huge progress I could not imagine two months ago, so proud of myself.

If someone wants to check, here you go:

Github page: Reading Club

Thanks, :slight_smile:

here is my responsive website: Yoga Club.
Kind of similar to the example provided, changing the theme mostly.
Thank you.

this is my take on the task/challenge. I do not know where the idea came from but I took it and ran with it after I found some incredibly cool images on the subject.
Feedback is greatly appreciated. I know I can use better HTML tags for readability but need to look into it a little bit more. I used allot of help from MDN and Stack Overflow and learned a huge amount of new stuff.

Here is the page: Spacejumpers

and here is the code: at main · forgotMy/ · GitHub

I want to share these two sites on css shadows that I found while making Spacejumpers. They really helped me understand and learn but also to save time. I hope you will find them helpful.

I bid you farewell

My project

Great job! Very complex compared to mine. Looks like you have a clear understanding of all the subjects in the course and beyond.
Where do you get your images from?
How did you figure out the existence and use of the HTML element “hr” ?
Very cool, well done!

Hi and thank you! =)

I am not completely new to web development. But it has been almost 15 years since I last did anything with HTML and/or css and there are allot of new stuff to learn.
So the hr tag I had somewhere in the back of my head. I just had to do a search to remember the correct tag.

Images are from Adobe Stock if I remember correctly. I had like a hundred windows open with different image stock sites so I could be mistaken.

Have a nice day (night here in Sweden)

Hello guys, here’s my project in club website
Club-Website (

Here is my first go at the project was trying to do it from the perspective of an artist promotion agency had trouble with the media query’s could not tell if they work or not. GitHub - RubenMiramo/The-weekend