Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Thanks for your comment, I haven’t been coding proper websites for so long… I started mid December with another app and mid January with CodeCademy…. Right now I’m at the JavaScript part.

Before that like every curious person playing around with one thing or another of coding but never properly studying it :sweat_smile:

Hey everyone,

Here is my site — it’s a simple photography club site where my focus was to make things scale according to the viewport size (text size, margins, images, and such).

Here is the code.

Your thoughts are welcome.


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Here is my take – I spun up a site for a fictitious club called CMDC (Central Massachusetts Developers Club).

Live website
Github repo


Worked on this project in my downtime over the past weeked. At first I though I was making a page for an actual club (like a rave lol), but then I looked at the example and shifted my idea to be a cooking club. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out.
Check out the live site here.
Github repo here if you’re interested. I tried harder at sectioning out my CSS to make it easier to navigate.

Good looking site! I should look into finding a club like this where I’m at.

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Thank you! I agree this kind of club would definitely be cool to join :slightly_smiling_face:

Great challenge and getting really proud of the progress I can see I am making GitHub - LurieK/boardgamenight

Here’s my responsive website for a club. Was glad to have some extra practice, especially with scaling images in different layouts. Hopefully it looks good on every screen.

Live Site: Squamish Paddling Club
Code: GitHub - kaylacadham/paddleclub-project

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i loved it, the thing i liked the most is that everything was big and the colors were bright and vibrant, the change in screen size was done amazingly. I referenced this for my own site as well. Thanks

Here is my take on the this project. It was definitely a fun project, i took a lot of inspiration from some of of the projects above. Live project is linked below:
Live Project: 705 Hip-Hop!

I hope you like my attempt at this project. Any feedback is welcomed :slight_smile:
Fake Project - The League

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Hi, just tried to view your website but it is throwing an error 404

Code Lives Here
Live Site: Thrash Kweens

Fun project. I decided to use grid on this one, as i did flex only in the project before. Im overall happy with how it came out. I still have some quirks in the responsiveness at some breakpoints (ie landscape mode). Looking forward to polishing it with things i learn down the line.

Any feedback/advice appreciated. Especially re: i seem to have picked up a weird margin top/left, and can’t figure out where it came from :rage:

Thanks for letting me know. I wil have to post again as I have changed my username in Github, and I imagine that is the reason links don’t work anymore.
Funny enough, I don’t know how to edit messages. It only gives me the option to delete. I might just delete them all and repost.
Thanks for the “Heads-up”

Sorry to post this again, but my previous link did not work anymore, so here it is:
Here is my project! I tried something different with the Header on the side, just to play more with Media querries. I don’t know if this would be a good idea for a web page… but who knows?

And my code:


Hi! This is my website for this project!

And here’s the source code!

Just finished my Project


Only recently started coding, this is my take on the project. Could probably of spent more time but want to keep moving forward.

Hope you enjoy!

Live Version - Running Club

Code - GitHub - DanielShaw98/Responsive-Club-Website: Codecademy Project - Responsive Club Website


Here is mine. If there is any feedback let me know.

Live Version :

Code on Github:

This looks great. Your images are very responsive and moves well when resizing. Well done!