Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Thanks for the review! The colors are a bit spastic. I actually did use the coolors pallet :rofl:

I like your site! It made me smile.
My only two comments are:
1.You can make the subscribe button an anchor tag even if it doesn’t link to anything so that you show it’s a clickable link. might try resizing your team pictures with Online Photo editor - image edit before bringing them in so that they’re all the same size. That’s what I had to do since I’m not sure you can do it with flexbox.

Nice Work

This looks professional! Your nav skills make me a little jealous.
The only thing that caught my eye was the explainer in the Events section. Because there’s more text it throws off the alignment.

This is really nice!

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Hello there, your site has a nice theme, and very smooth.

For the responsiveness, take a look at the banner, on smaller screens it overflow and you can’t read it fully, don’t know, at least in my phone shows like that :sweat_smile:

Yeah I was thinking about, maybe I’ll remove the “menu” and leave the other relevant links on mobile, I believe it can look better :thinking: I’ll see, maybe you’ll see it also once is done :grin::ok_hand:t2: thanks for your feedback

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!

The image sizing was a little tricky actually, resizing it would have made my life quite a bit easier when arranging, ill have a look at the website you linked!

Hey, thanks for the feedback - i’ll have another look at the banner at small widths and see what more can be done to make it easier to read!

Hello there! thanks for the feedback, I tried to fix a bit about that, I believe now is much more better than before, don’t you think?

I checked the website and everything looks responsive, but i noticed that once you go to smaller screens the left margin disappear, don’t know if is only on my end, but you could chek it out :slightly_smiling_face:

I was having similar problems, i fixed it wrapping everythin (sometimes by section if i want something 100% wide) and fixing it this way:

  margin: 0 10%;

or the margn you decide, like this is always centered and with spaces on the sides, you can try and if is useful why not use it :grin:

Yeah thanks for checking that out. I’ll try that. I haven’t quite figured out margins in responsive web yet

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Yeah, that looks a lot better! nice!

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This is my solution for the Responsive Club Website Live- Walk Ormskirk
Code: GitHub - fquinn454/walk-ormskirk

All feedback gratefully received.

Hello everybody. Here’s my code. It took me a month to figure out the media queries but once I did it, it was a lot of fun.



Hey everyone, here is my website. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Demo: Hanoi Running Club
Code: GitHub - jdameling25/HanoiRunningClub

Hi all! Here is my:


MY website, any advice and feedback would be highly appreciated! This site was originally designed at 2560x1440 and made compatible with any size :sunglasses:

Did anyone else doing the front-end path find it odd that the project before this one seemed harder? This one seemed pointless after the fact, but, repetition does wonders for learning, so I didn’t skip it… lol.

Take a look and give me some feedback if you would. Any feed back is good feedback even if you think its negative.

The page isn’t much, but it is for the size of the screen aspect and how it affects the pictures and heading.

the page can be seen here: Buyck Club

the code can be found here: GitHub - AndrewDLarson/Buyck-club

Nice job. I like how you have a picture disappear at the mobile size rather than have it move down the column.

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This is really good! Not just the responsiveness but the whole layout.

how long have you been coding?

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Hello, I saw the site and I believe would be better if the navbar stays fixed for mobile devices, because in mobile in landscape mode the header covers more than half of the screen…