Responsive Club Website (CSS)

My website: Arctic Endeavors Club
My Code:

Hi, here’s my responsive tech club website

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Hi there! :wave:

I create responsive website about old people health club. I try to use media queries as rarely as it possible and in the same time stay website the same responsive (i use grid properties to achive this). It will be nice if you leave a review :v:

:house_with_garden: Home page: Website.

:technologist: Code on Github.

Hi! You website looks cool! I especially like idea with button’s dashed border! And you leave really usefull commentaries! :+1:
If you want to improve your web site, try to add more media queries (like for mobile l and mobile m). Check you images when change the size of the window, not only at breakpoint, but also another sizes (for example 850px or 450px). You can see that they don`t resize proportionally device window. For example, you can check my website and play with sizes. :smile:


I’ve made a page for The Olives Club: The Olives Club


Hello everyone,

Here is a link to my Responsive Club Website - Derby Yoga Club

My code: GitHub - pavel-alexeev/responsive-club


Hey, guys!

I MUST say this is a wayyy better job than I did on the last project.

Please see the link below and tell me what you think:

The Black Social Club


Wow! Your website looks amazing. Love love love the colors. Go, girl!

Thank you very much! Your support helps me move forward)))

great website … the idea behind that is inspiring.

your website is really amazing … elegantly simple

Hi I’ve made my own club page in a Humorish style, trying to keep my code responsive and simple as it could be.
I’ve seen great designs here, mine not so much. Either way hope you enjoy it and any feedback is gladly welcome.
live page: Rhum Tennis Club


Thank you for such nice words!

Here is the link to my Responsive Club Website:

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I think I begin to understand Flexbox a bit better now.

Hello all.

Here is my attempt at the responsive club project.

Please have a look and comment.

It looks more or less as I intended on my laptop, and my Pixel 4a using Chrome or Firefox Focus browsers, but does not render correctly using the regular Firefox browser on Android. I’m probably not going to spend any more time on this, I feel I was getting bogged down in trying to get it to work on Firefox.

I’ll also need to look again at em and rem units, and might try another learning resource for this as I’m finding Codecademy a bit clunky when it comes to reviewing material. I’ve heard FreeCodeCamp is good.


(Update - I had altered Zoon on accessibility settings on Firefox for Android - that’s why my page looked weird. Looks ok with default zoom settings).

Well done. The page is responsive when I turn my phone around from portrait to landscape.

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Finally I have just finished building a website about basketball club.
Now I understand how to use flex-box, media queries and rems to create responsive website.
Here is the link.
Live Website
Github Source Code

Cheetah Runners Club