Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Hi all i got a just guess i have done one project for two task that we got here


I will be really glad to here your feedback

Thanks for the feedback!

I just took a look at my web page again and I agree that the footer section is a bit too big. I appreciate it and thanks again for your input

I’ve just completed this project using my current knowledge of HTML/CSS. I am going through the Full Stack career path with the goal of starting a career as a developer. Here is a link to my project on GitHub. Feedback is welcome and desired.

I am new to GitHub, so please let me know if you are unable to view the project page.

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Thanks alot :smiley: Yes I did think that about the nav font size, I had been playing around with the responsiveness after my prev project nav looked a bit tight… think I went too far the other way ha!


Project completed!

After a lot of work, I have finished. Of course, there is still room for improvement, but I’m really satisfied with how this challenge project has turned out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any comments are welcome.

Webpages: Chess Club
Git Repository: GitHub - abnerA/Chess-Club: Club Chess

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Hello Everyone!!

Follow my Responsive Club Website. I still have to do more improvements, but I am thrilled with my achievements. What do you think?

I created only one media screen for max-width 800px.

Code: GitHub - castrodaniella/responsive-club-starting

Very Nice Abnere! Great job! What was the most challenge part?

Hi! this is my social club project, I make a social club for people who haven’t space to make their handcrafts at home.
The page is responsive to the majority of sizes.
The feedback is appreciated!


Hi all!

This one is my take on it, it’s a fictional club so far but who knows, maybe I can make it happen!
Live page


I took ages on this to get it all looking how I wanted it to. And I know a lot of it doesn’t work yet needs JavaScript but I’ll get there :crossed_fingers:


Created a homepage for a fictional club called “Austin Chamber Music Club.”

Hello, this is my attempt at making a responsive website. I tried to practice with some basic queries.



I know the code is a bit of a mess, any feedback is appreciated, I’m still figuring stuff out :grin:

Hi there. Here is my solution for this project. I’ve created a Camping Club Responsive Website
Live Preview

Code Preview

Keep on coding :slight_smile:

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Hello All,

This is link to my code for this project at main · sheriffhammed/ · GitHub

and also below is the live view

Hey y’all!

Here’s my responsive club website - Na-Ma-Stay-a-While (a site for yoga enthusiasts)

The Live site.
The code.

Happy to hear any feedback you might have!


Go to your website page on GITHUB.
Go to Settings.
Click Pages
It will be there.

Here’s my responsive club site. I was able to adjust pretty much everything except the font-size on the contact us section for smaller screens like cell phones. I tried everything I can think of for about two hours.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Responsive Club SiteResponsive Club Site Source Code

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Hello everyone,

This is my project:

home page

The code is available here:


Any comments here or on GitHub will be really so usefull and appreciated :slight_smile:


Well done! It’s realy good work :ok_hand:

  • Good design.
  • Good choice of images and fonts.
  • Coordination between colors.

Just few notes:

  1. The heading " Join us in our studio" and the content belw would look better with text-align: left; (desktop view before any break point ).

  2. The footer is more high compared to its content (desktop view).

  3. The nav bar looks very small at 390px wide, I thank that “flex-wrap” can help.

Please excuse my english as I am learning coding and english at the same time :slight_smile:

Hi everyone!

Check out my website here: Whiskey Fan Club

And my code here: GitHub - HeneghanC/irishwhiskeyfanclub: Codecademy responsive club website challenge

Is it OK to change the HTML size by use of media queries like I’ve done here? Or would it not be considered best practice?


Here’s my site:

And here’s the code:

Constructive criticism appreciated!

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