Responsive Club Website (CSS)

hai ajax, can you host the page, to check the website.

great job , looks great

Hi everyone!
This is my take on this project

Website - The Mexican Cooking Club

Code - GitHub - angelinakoloska/Responsive-Club-Website: Codecademy project from the full-stack developer path

I would love to get some feedback. Thanks in advance.


This looks great!

I noticed that when the viewport width is between 480 and 1101 horizontal pixels, that the menu bar text wraps, so each menu item looks less distinct (because part of each menu option is word wrapped). Maybe the look could be improved by adding a media rule to prevent those menu options wrapping? Either change the proportion of the screen width the menu bar gets, or change the font size - or the location of the menu bar (like move it below the title) - at those resolutions, perhaps?

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Thank you for the feedback!

I just took a look at my site again and I’m seeing the issue you’re describing. I’m realizing I should have written some media queries for tablet, I only wrote them for mobile view. I will definitely work on that in the future. Thanks again for your input.

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LIVE: Chess Clubpage

CODE: at main · k1ng-stryker/ · GitHub

Here’s my club homepage!

code: GitHub - MSGJack/J-Dclub

live version: Jak & Daxter Club

nice :smiley: I went for the gaming theme too, though mine is less interesting!

this looks so great!

Took me ages, again… what am I doing wrong?!

Here’s my attempt anyway :smiley:



The last couple of projects I’ve been taking as much time as I need. This time I completed this in the 90 minutes that is recommended. Definitely less creative and more like a carbon copy of the example. But with that said, let me know how I did.

Live Website: Photos n Beers Club

Github: at main · KokiriKaleb/ · GitHub


Very cool! big fan of Jack & Dexter. One thing I would fix is there’s some stretching on the images inside their containers. Other than that looks good :+1:

Good work! I like your chess theme. One thing I noticed while looking at your page was that when resizing and using responsive mode in chrome inspection the page was not properly fitting phones very well.

Live: The Walking Club
Code: petsek/walking-club: adaptive design (

Hello everybody! Here’s my take on the Responsive Club Website

Plant Club


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This my Club site. Not the nicest looking but I learned alot doing it

Hello everyone!

Here is my Responsive Club Website I would like to share
Live: The BBQ Grill Club
Code: Github

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Hello! Any Arma 3 fan here?

I made this short page to work with responsive: The Arma 3 Club

Hello everyone!!

I hope that there are other MJF fans out there!

Here is my Responsive Club Website that I would like to share.

Webpage : MJF Fan Club

Git Repository: Github

Nice page, one thing is when the page gets resized the font nav is a bit small. Other than that, i dig it.