Responsive Club Website (CSS)

beautiful!!! great job!

Hello everyone. Her is my club homepage. Mostly flex based but used grid wherever I could for practice.

Thank u for the future feedback.


Hi there,

This is my entry for this project. It’s a made up coffee shop site, thanks!



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Club responsive webpage project

Did it kind of easy not to be stuck for days in this project


Good Job, it is responsive. The nav section can be modified during mobile screen.

Kindly go through my code. Feedback from anyone would be highly appreciated.

Project: maintenance-page/Xenon Maintenance at main · Vekworld/maintenance-page · GitHub

Hello Everyone!
I finished my project for the Club Website.
Here is the live page: Save the Manatees

Notice there is a big space where it says “Be the friend we need”, there is supposed to be a background image, but after deploying it on github pages, it doesn’t show.
If somebody knows how to fix it, please let me know.

Here is the code: GitHub - soniavargas/Save-The-Manatee


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Hi guys,just completed my project, took a few days,but yeah I completed it.
This is the page: Unity Club

I’ll appreciate any feedback.

If anybody is looking to connect with me,my discord is: Dannamyt#6336

Hey fellow coders! I just completed my project on a responsive club website. Please check out my link below:

Any feedback and/or constructive criticism is welcome.

Please have a look at my site

Hello, my second ever challenge project for responsive slub design. Any feedback and reviews are welcome.
GitHub page
GitHub Repo

Apparently the media querries not working at github page, for me its an uknown reason, since it is working on my machine at home.

I got a bit carried away making up a club in this assignment!


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I took a look at some of the ones one here and really liked the different ideas everyone had.

Here’s my attempt:



Here’s my project, I’ve been struggling to make flexbox click in my head, and I think after this project, I finally have at least a rudimentary understanding of it.

Github: GitHub - Steelgoon/gameclub
Live: Key Town Gaming Club

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Impressive! I really like the functionality with the about us section, where the boxes enlarge when you hover over them.

Really good, your website is very clean and easy on the eyes. I especially like how you included the quotes - it’s stylish the way you set it up and they sort of break the monotony in the text section.

Thanks, yours looks nice and vibrant. Like you said in your post, I’ve been having flexbox issues myself. This was the second attempt.

Hey i just finished this project !
It took me 2 hours to complete, some animation issues on the slideshow though.
Feel free to have a look at it!

GitHub Repo

If anyone have feedback :blush:

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hai ajax, can you host the page, to check the website.