Responsive Club Website (CSS)

Hi, just give you a little feedback…
so, the first thing I noticed was that the navigation part was a little broken when i resized my window at 853 px. And the second thing is not related to responsiveness of the website, but it’d be nicer to have 80% or 90% of width to your mission section. that’s it I hope you find it useful… and I would be happy if you also give me feedback on my responsive club site Here.

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Hey, I just finished my Responsive Club Website project! Please give me feedback if there is any, I will be very appreciate it!

My Website - Natura Traveler Club
Source Code - Github - NTC

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grin:[quote=“dhaniprolink92709885, post:377, topic:462382”]
Natura Traveler Club

thanks for the feedback , can see that nav broken when resized, ill try fix it together with the mission section :grin: smile:

Nice work and well done ! a little suggestion from me is that would be nicer to have some better fonts as for me i would love a nice fonts as it attracts people when they first checking your website but this is just my opinion , if you like the way it looks than its fine , fonts is subjective :smile:

i love the idea ! but anyway not bad ,Keep on the great job !

Thank you so much, I get what you’re saying, It is kind of plain… I was once found a nicer font for the banner text (the one with border) It would’ve looked a lot better, but the font doesn’t work for some reason, so I used the more simple and elegant font instead… Thnk you for that! :smile:

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@detkno90 OMG the cats are so cute! I think your sire looks great. The code is clean and transitions well. Only thing I saw slightly off was the “Cute Cats Competition” under events. It is somewhat wider than the other events throwing the alignment slightly. My guess would be the picture size affecting the container’s dynamic sizing? Otherwise the CSS for the “events” should have equally affected it. Nice touch throwing in the iframe map. Nice job!

@dhaniprolink92709885 Very nice job! I like your approach. Good choice on the scaling and flow. I really like the use of the background image along with the image call out in the CSS for the form section! I love gleaning new ideas/perspectives from seeing all the great examples! Definitely helps keep if fresh now that I am in a new section.

Hey, thank you very much, I’m glad that i’m able to inspire some one… that motivates me by a lot… so thank you

Hello everyone, here’s my Responsive Website project, I used both flexbox and grid.
For design and content I took inspiration from different websites on the internet.
A feedback would be very appreciated!

Website - DreamItaly
Source Code - GitHub DreamItaly


her is my project for a fake whisky & wings club

site preview:

the code:



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Not perfect but it was my best shot!

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Hello Everyone,
Here is my Futsal Club Project.

Live : Futsal Club
Code : GitHub - Biggboss7/Futsal-Club: A project from Codecademy to build Club Homepage Website

Hope you guys enjoy it!
Let me know in which thing I can improve my website or maybe my code.

Thankyou Guys!!

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Hello people!
This is what i have managed to build. One thing i didn’t get right was the text beneath the images. Any advice on it is appreciated. I know it isn’t much but i just started coding two weeks ago.
Here is the code: RockyDesigne/Radio-Club: It is my first try at a responsive website. It is a fictional website. (

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Hello everyone! I made a simple responsive webpage for a traveling club. I’ll be happy if you check it out

html at main · Snowcliff46/ · GitHub
css at main · Snowcliff46/ · GitHub

Hi everyone, here is my attempt, it took me a while to finish this:

Live Page: Okinori
Github Repo: GitHub - minkcodin/Okinori-Responsive-Website

Cheers, all feedback is welcome! ^^


Hey amazing people. Here is my attempt at the CSS HTML responsive site challenge project. My code is probably extremely sloppy so please pick it apart and let me know how I can improve.

Live Version:
Github Repo:

Thanks in advance! :smile:

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I had a second go at it: RockyDesigne/Literary-Club: Its a mock website for a literary club. (

Live: Literary Club (

looks good, the site looks responsive add by adding spaces between the owl images in mobile might make it easier to read in mobile, overall good job.

this is a gem, great work, design, and responsiveness.