Responsive Club Website - But BenderCalculator Upgrade

So, I believe this is what you call an MVP, but also going above and beyond at the same time in regards to the project. But I think it’s beautiful because somehow I built a project that incorporated almost all the skills I’ve learned in the course so far. Well, actually I know how. A friend and I went boozing on a Monday and then 2 days later we met up for casual drinks and my friend said “Hey, You should make a site that calculates how many times people should go on drinking benders per year!”

So instead of making “Responsive Club Website” I made I got to practice a ■■■■ of a lot of DOM Manipulation with javascript. I definitely covered all the responsive requirements of the project. I got to practice Grid stuff. I have an appreciation of how hard it must be to build a much more complicated website. Once everything is setup you have to adjust this, adjust that, adjust this again…

I can’t list how much I learned, but it was a lot. I wanted to do the full show so I bought the domain and I hosted it via AWS Amplify connecting to the GitHub Repo. Oh, and I’ve been into crypto for a while so I made a DAO Token for the site. The details are at the bottom of the site. Shameless, I know, but I want to learn more about DAOs so best to learn by shilling. jk, learn by building.

Cheers…lol…I am too tired for that pun to be intentional.