Aimed at all those who are taking CODECADEMY courses

I’m doing the “Message Mixer” project of the “MODULES” component of the “LEARN JAVASCRIPT” course and in task “10” I find the following text:

“10. Again, in messageMixer.js, create another function pigLatin () on the MessageMixer object that takes a sentence and a character as parameters.”.

As the meaning of the name “pigLatin ()” has no relation with the tasks of the project, I would like to know some explanation from CODECADEMY for this fact, that could be a regrettable lack of respect for all people of Latin origin who are doing this course.


We appreciate your concern. See Pig Latin, a fake language that is often used either for fun. With regards to programming, it often serves as a good way to teach substrings, or other forms of string manipulation, because it requires movement of letters, and the adding of “ay” to the end.

Hope this clears it up… And demonstrates that it means no disrespect.

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Dear Brin Brody,
I appreciate the answer to my query, which completely clarifies the misunderstanding that the appearance of the name “pigLatin” generated me, without any kind of clarification or reference such as the one you send me in your email.

Thanks and regards.

PS: Maybe it would be convenient to add a clarification or propose another name for the function.

its a common term within programming, so i don’t think it needs modification.

never take programming terms out of context, that can be very weird:

same applies for piglatin, even though piglatin is a single word, so its never meant to be an insult