Resources for practising JavaScript/HTML &CSS

Could anyone recommend some free resources to help me practice what I’m studying? I work for a charity which is currently closed due to the world situation, and can’t really afford the monthly fee to get all the Pro activities and projects.
I feel that doing some extra work would really help the theory (and the syntax) stick in my brain, so I don’t keep forgetting commas and looking at my code for half an hour wondering why it doesn’t work.

Hi there.

You can play around with HTML, CSS and JavaScript on your computer with nothing more intricate than a text editor and your browser.

That being said, if you want to play with them locally I would recommend a code editor. Visual Studio Code is free, and is my favourite, but there are others like Atom, or Notepad++… you should look into them and see which ones take your fancy. :slight_smile:

On top of the material here, you could also try something like Codewars if you wanted to be challenged in your understanding of JavaScript.


If you are looking for some quick code challenges to apply your knowledge check out edabit. its Free!

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Thank you both, I’ll check out all of these.

this looks like fun, definitely going to try it out. Thanks!

Your Guide To Awesome Coding Skills:

When practicing:

  1. Find super cool things on code-pen that you want to recreate (p.s. code-pen is awesome)
  2. Find something on a website that looks super awesome and try to recreate it on your own (DevTools will help you out there) Can’t think of anything awesome? I find the dropdown menu that shows up when you select your icon on code-academy pretty interesting, and I want to recreate it tomorrow.
  3. Google “practice CSS grid projects” or “practice html project ideas”, etc–you will find looooaaaaddddssss of materials. Loads.
  4. Do the code_academy build challenges (and don’t follow the directions)
  5. Make stuff up and make it on your local computer with a code editor (I use atom, its free and easy to use)
  6. Do tutorials on youtube, my favorite are code ninja videos, its a dope youtube channel where some British guy teaches you a programming/coding topic and provides a follow along project to do while you watch it~ preetttyyy doooppeee
  7. Play coding games (just look them up, there are lots. For example, I like grid critters and flex zombies)
  8. Just keep creating! Even if its super stupid, just make sh*t up. The more you use it, the better you will become at it.

Hope that helps!


I strongly recommend Codepen.