Resources for Learning or Teaching From Home

A list of our recommended resources to support you while you’re learning at home.

:books: For Teachers, Parents and Students
With schools closing rapidly in the wake of this unprecedented pandemic, people around the world have been thrown into an uncertain situation. To lend a hand during this time, we’re giving away 10,000 student scholarships to Codecademy Pro, which unlocks all the courses and content in our catalog.

Our curriculum team has also put together a comprehensive list of which courses to consider, no matter what level you’re learning at in a blog post here!

Navigating the Content Library

Regardless of where and why you're learning at remote - we want to make sure we're here to help you out. Our content library spans the following major domains:

If you’re not sure where to start, feel free to take our sorting quiz for some ideas!

Tips & Tricks for Effective Remote Learning

We know that learning from home can be tough. Here are our suggestions for how to make it easier. Find something that's working well for you that you don't see on here? Share it with the community below!
  • :alarm_clock: Build regular habits around your learning - whether that’s by trying out our 30-Day Challenge or just blocking out regular time in your day for coding like suggested here or here.
  • :muscle: Find ways to keep yourself motivated - setting realistic goals, staying connected and regularly checking in on yourself (and your sanity) are all critical to keeping yourself motivated to meet your goals. Check out a full list of tips and tricks here.
  • :iphone: Take time to apply the skills you’ve learned - try starting a small project on your own, and see where it will take you!

this is super helpful @annajiali!

here’s another article with tips on working from home during covid-19:

on the personal side, i started to meditate and practice breathwork in the morning, while i make my coffee on low heat, which takes about 10-15 minutes. i stop when my espresso thing starts buzzing. this helps get some blood flowing into my head.

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Thanks for the information Annajiali.