Resources for be faster creating webpages

Which are the best tools or resources that we have to be prepared or built for our projects in HTML CSS.

web development


HTML can be learn by yourself, you can choosing CSS or SASS (SCSS) if you wanna learn language-based. Figma and Adobe XD is great tool to design, Figma is free and so on with XD (Figma is only able up to 3 project with unlimited design, and XD is unlimited design but 1 project. Both of them allow 2 user to collaborate. while XD had promo till October free unlimited sharing and collaborators).

Additional tool is AE, AI, DN, DW, PS, and LR. if you had enough money. If not, then there GIMP, Krita, Kdenlive, Inkscape, and many OSS tools you can find on google and youtube.