public class MadLibs {
Mad libs project */
public static void main(String args){

  //The template for the story
  String story = "This morning "+name1+" woke up feeling "+adjective1+". 'It is going to be a "+adjective2+" day!' Outside, a bunch of "+noun1+"s were protesting to keep "+noun2+" in stores. They began to "+verb1+" to the rhythm of the "+noun3+", which made all the "+noun4+"s very "+adjective3+". Concerned, "+name1+" texted "+name2+", who flew "+name1+" to "+place1+" and dropped "+name1+" in a puddle of frozen "+noun5+". "+name1+" woke up in the year "+number+", in a world where "+noun6+"s ruled the world.";
  String name1= "Jorge";

  String name2="John";
  String adjective1="round";
  String adjective2="fat";
  String adjective3="skinny";
  String verb1= "went";
  String noun1= "nun";
  String noun2= "ball";
  String noun3= "tree";
  String noun4= "wall";
  String noun5= "grass";
  String noun6= "car";
   int number= 1;
  String place1= "mall";



I have tried this several different ways and I keep throwing multiple errors. I am having a hard time figuring out the fix and it is frustrating because I’m sure it is something simple!

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!!

The variable declarations should come before the story variable declaration. (Because all those variables can’t be assigned if they have no previous value).