[RESOLVED] 500 Internal Server Error

I was trying to navigate backwards during a subject and all of a sudden i get this error:
“500 Internal Server Error
If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application’s log file and/or the web server’s log file to find out what went wrong.”

I can get onto the webpage fine but as soon as Log in now it goes straight to this.

I think something with my account got corrupted.

I need help. If that means resetting my account that’s fine but i paid for PRO so i would like this resolved soon…

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Not sure what happened but it finally cleared itself…

I’m having the same issue right now! I was about to do a test and the 500 Internal Server Error appeared. Any idea of how to solve it? I even restarted my pc. Thanks in advance.

It cleared itself in about 20 minutes. Idk why it happened or how it resolved itself.

I experienced this same issue yesterday, but it seems to have cleared up today.
I was worried I’d lose my streak as part of the 30-day challenge :sweat_smile:.

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