Resolve firebase authentication (google signIn) deploy error on netlify with gatsby

I am using firebase for my project to add google sign in in gatsby.
Locally it works fine but I can’t seem to deploy it on netlify.

My Git Repo

I have used gatsby-firebase-plugin but it gives me an error

Warning: This is a browser-targeted Firebase bundle but it appears it is being
12:19:15 AM: run in a Node environment. If running in a Node environment, make sure you
12:19:15 AM: are using the bundle specified by the “main” field in package.json.
12:19:15 AM: If you are using Webpack, you can specify “main” as the first item in
12:19:15 AM: “resolve.mainFields”:
12:19:15 AM: Resolve | webpack
12:19:15 AM: If using Rollup, use the @rollup/plugin-node-resolve plugin and specify “main”
12:19:15 AM: as the first item in “mainFields”, e.g. [‘main’, ‘module’].
12:19:15 AM:
12:19:15 AM: failed Building static HTML for pages - 0.624s
12:19:15 AM: error Building static HTML failed
12:19:15 AM:
12:19:15 AM:
12:19:15 AM: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null

Even if I use separate file for firebase like

import firebase from 'firebase';

const firebaseConfig = {
    apiKey: process.env.API_KEY,
    authDomain: process.env.AUTH_DOMAIN,
    projectId: process.env.PROJECT_ID,
    storageBucket: process.env.STORAGE_BUCKET,
    messagingSenderId: process.env.MESSAGING_SENDER_ID,
    appId: process.env.APP_ID


export const auth = firebase.auth();

export const provider = new firebase.auth.GoogleAuthProvider();

I get this error

failed Building static HTML for pages - 0.823s
10:21:12 AM: error Building static HTML failed
10:21:12 AM: 
10:21:12 AM:   663 |  * limitations under the License.
10:21:12 AM:   664 |  */
10:21:12 AM: > 665 | registerFunctions(firebase, fetch.bind(self));
10:21:12 AM:       |                           ^
10:21:12 AM:   666 | firebase.registerVersion(name, version);
10:21:12 AM:   667 | //#
10:21:12 AM:   668 |
10:21:12 AM: 
10:21:12 AM:   WebpackError: ReferenceError: fetch is not defined

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